Ecology and Economy

According to the local dialect in our region of northern Greece ''Goustera'' means lizard. Lizards are still plentiful in our area – at least, in the places where nature is still nature. We often see them in our vegetable garden, where they help us by eating the all too greedy insects. They are a symbol for us. For the healthy balance of nature, for flexibility,  mobility,  and for resilience.
Goustera plc produces with methods of organic farming. We are convinced that this way of farming is a great step forward for food production. After decades of unlimited use of chemicals in agriculture and ruthless use of our planet's resources, a new awareness regarding food and its production has evolved, which avoids destroying the soil where it grows. Just as important are health and good tasting food. Organic farming has the right concept to meet both needs. Here in northern Greece: by setting up the necessary infrastructure we also wish to encourage, the continual growth of organic farming.

Because we are producers ourselves, and have the experience of three generations, the problems of converting from conventional to organic farming are well known to us. We know that producers have a lot of challenges in front of them. Within the framework of a partnership with other producers, we would like to make our own contribution from which the region can profit in a sustainable way. We therefore offer, our know-how and scientific advice, with the opportunity to share practical knowledge, which could be used either out in the fields, and, or passed on in the form of seminars. This happens outside in the fields but also in our own rooms where there are modern facilities for meetings, seminars and trainings.

Last but not least, in today's world ecological issues must have the right relationship with the economy. The market for organically produced food is growing, and with it, the requirement for high quality organic products. Also farmers which produce in conventional way are interested in organich methods in order to raise there quality and to low their costs. We see a great opportunity for our business and for the whole region, particularly with the excellent climate conditions here which suit organic farming so well.

Our conviction – sustainability and being responsible produce the best results – also impinges on our business relationships. We hope that our reputation will be known for its quality and reliability. Our wish is that from the seeds of our family business, an international market player will grow, serving the European markets with excellent products.

Kiwi Goustera